An Introduction

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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Conor and I am a software engineer born on the Emerald Isle of Ireland. However, these days I live in Canada. I am 25 years old and have been a software engineer for around 5 years. A little of 2 years ago I discovered a new passion – Trading.

At first it was the boom of crypto in December 2017. Having invested probably more than I should have and lost more than I should have I decided crypto was not for me. However, I do have to pay homage to crypto as it was my first real experience with any kind of market and for that, I am truly grateful.

I was introduced to the world of day trading and making “crazy gains” overnight. Ha…

In awe of how these youtubers were ‘seemingly’ making 100 million overnight, I needed to know more. Excitedly and rather foolishly, I started trying to replicate what some of these youtubers were doing and placing crazy bets on the market – sound familiar?

After some more silliness I decided that I should actually sit down and study the market. I learned everything from SMA’s, EMA’s, linear regression etc. Having acquired this knowledge and spending a lot of time on babypips I thought I’d give day trading another shot.

While initially successful and making 350GBP I quickly realized that manually analyzing the market and manually placing orders was not for me. Instead I thought of something else.

I had an idea to build an automated trading platform from the ground up. After 1 year of development here I am talking about this platform today. This blog will demonstrate the challenges and successes I have had to date developing this new platform. I will be taking you through my journey to were I am today and the progress I have made this far.

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